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If you are a meeting planner, or it's your job to host conferences or corporate communication retreats, you have a great deal at stake. First you must determine the location. It must be easily accessible and provide ambiance that is conducive to networking, learning and the growth of your organization, team or company. You secure a signed contract and now have a date and location.

Then it's time to develop the list of presenters. No easy task. You want someone who does not read her entire presentation from notes or, even worse, reading from the PowerPoint slides behind her in a darkened room, where participants are getting fatigued. Canned speeches? Please. We have all heard too many of them. You want something fresh.

You think to yourself, "I need someone with energy and authenticity. I need someone who can make the audience laugh as they learn. Better yet, she uses real stories to make her points. Even better if she actually has experience working in the corporate world, instead of just training on the subject of business communication skills."

Kathy Condon is the professional keynote speaker and trainer. She works diligently to ensure that she hears your needs, and she tailors the presentation to your allotted time. No canned presentations, either. She focuses on improving business communication.

You have hundreds of details to keep track of while your planned event takes place, so you need a low-maintenance speaker. Kathy is an excellent choice. Oh yes, plan on Kathy arriving early and leaving late--she believes in mingling with her audience, and interaction is part of her speeches and trainings.

"Kathy was a great contributor to the Values Lives Conference. She is flexible, dependable and easy to work with as a presenter. We look forward to working with her again in the future. Cheri Keefe, Valued Lives Chair."

An avid reader, Kathy Condon keeps up with trends in the workplace and in business communication skills. Her work as an Executive Coach keeps her alert to what is happening in the offices of the CEOs, and managers, and aware of the communication issues that are hindering their productivity.

She shares some of these findings and her insight through her newsletter, Weekly Wisdom.

Kathy Condon's Speaking and training topics include:


Portland Area Radio Council Annual Fall Event http://www. portlandradio.org

Technology is taking over the world of business communication, but Kathy Condon knows that face-to-face meetings are a critical part of effective marketing programs. You will learn:

  • How to combine social media and face-to-face networking.
  • The definition and benefits of networking
  • 3 keys to communicating with people
  • Where to find appropriate networking events
  • How to prepare for a networking event
  • How to start and maintain a conversation
  • How to follow up after a networking event
  • Why you need a contact program


The time has come to stop using age as the reason for lack effective business communication in the workplace. Kathy Condon has a different approach than most people who speak and train on this subject. She takes a much broader view of the person's personality and style of communication.

Here you will learn:

  • What events help shape people's values and beliefs
  • The 12 factors that influence your personality
  • 3 things people need to feel they are significant
  • What words to avoid in most situations
  • How to determine rewards for a person

                                                                                                          QUESTIONS-A POWERFUL TOOL FOR IMPROVING BUSINESS

Kathy Condon believes that questions enhance business communication. Through examples and exercises, she proves the importance of using them in the workplace.

  • Why it is important to ask question
  • When it is appropriate to ask questions
  • How to effectively phrase a question
  • Who should ask questions


Kathy Condon is an expert at approaching the business community on the subject of hiring people with disabilities. Working with counselors and social workers, Kathy helps you understand the steps that work to open doors. She understands that rules and regulations often scare employers. However, when employers are educated on the facts, they are open to listening and hiring people with barrier.

Here you will learn:

  • How to get an appointment with an employer
  • How to prepare for a the meeting
  • What to present to the employer in the meeting
  • How to follow up

Questions? Call Kathy Condon at (760) 902-3094 She will be happy to discuss your speaking and training needs, and she tailors her keynote professional presentations and trainings to match your requirements.