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Review of Book "Face-To-Face Networking It's All About Communication"


Face-to-face networking still key in the digital age

Vancouver, Washington, USA. Award-winning author Kathy Condon released her second book today, “Face-to-Face Networking. It’s All About Communication.”  “Face-to-Face Networking” is a reader-friendly,‘how-to’ book designed to help everyone work a room full of strangers.

An avid user of social media, Condon maintains that face-to-face contact is more important than ever in the digital age. “Your contacts are one of your most valuable assets for your business and personal life,” says Kathy Condon.“A handshake, a handwritten note, or a phone call today has a much larger impact then it did in the past,” says Condon. “These simple, personal actions make a person feel special and can go a long way.”

Interview candidates,young graduates and experienced professionals have all grappled with the challenges that ‘Face-to-Face Networking” takes on through a series of short stories incorporating practical tips and etiquette.
What makes a great handshake?

Contact cards, not business cards – What do you put on them?

Do your really need a nametag? What side do you wear it on?

Want to be remembered? Make sure you RSVP.

You walk into a room full of strangers. Now what?   

How do you start and maintain a conversation?

Why handwritten notes are so appreciated.

Pocketful of contact cards? What next?

Traveling withyour smartphone

Helpful tips:

“Make a pact with your colleagues that you will all sit at different tables. You will double, at a minimum, the number the team meets.”

“The easiest way to begin networking a room is look for the person standing alone. The second is to look for two people facing out toward an assembled crowd.”

“When writing a handwritten note, include: where you met and when. Something you learned about the person. Enclose your own contact card to make it easy for the person to get in touch with you or pass your card forward.”

Book order information: Amazonor http://www.kathycondon.info/17322.html

Check $15.95 to KathyCondon 400 N Sunrise Way #220, Palm Springs, CA 92262 

Kathy Condon's book: "It Doesn't Hurt to Ask: It's all about Communication" is a "Best Book Award Finalist" USA Book News in the business category.

From the back book cover:

"Communication nightmares are on the rise. As more and more people rely on technology, the situation continues to get worse. One wonders if we will be able to talk to each other easily again. Yet, I am here to show you there is hope.

It is time to start over and look at what is really important to communication. Through these chapters I will be illustrating my beliefs that I feel are necessary for communication to take place.

  • Make a person feel significant/important
  • Ask Questions
  • Listen to the Answers

Whether you are a seasoned professional, a person graduating from college or about to graduate from high school there are tools throughout this book that will serve you well. Like the tree in the drawing above (tree with no leaves), it is about stripping away the fluff (leaves) and looking at the little things you can do every day to raise your ability to communicate with others."

Official Book Signing PartyBook Release Party

"This how-to book is surefire, written with clear expression for those on whatever rung of the ladder whose aim is accomplishment, advancement, better communication or streamline an organization." 

                       Allene Arthur, columnist, The Desert Sun newspaper

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Kathy Condon has written 200 + published in various magazine, newspapers and online newsletter. She is a contributor to Ezinearticles. Read her articles: http://tiny.cc/6odz9

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