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Why You Need to Hire a DUI Attorney

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Many drivers tend to ignore the need to seek the right legal representation when convicted with driving under the influence or DUI offenses. This is not right and should never be the case. Purpose to have a DUI lawyer on your site when convicted with a DUI offense. Besides this, it may help reduce your penalties among other benefits. That said, here are a few reasons that justify the need to work with a DUI attorney.

Why a DUI attorney

Abnormal penalties charged

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DUI offenses are among the most serious charges. Several aspects influence the magnitude of the case and penalties in such cases. A few of them include the level of intoxication, driving speed and passengers carried. In some instances, you may get overcharged based on the magnitude of the case. You should not allow this to happen. At such a point, you should think of hiring a DUI attorney. With his or her services, you are guaranteed of getting a fair hearing.

An improperly administered alcohol test

Like any other person, police officers can make offenses when doing an alcohol test. They may mishandle you during the process or administer the test improperly. If such happens, you should not keep quiet. Seek the services of a reputable DUI attorney. With the help of this professional, you can be guaranteed of getting justice.

Helps reduce the magnitude of the case

DUI convictions may result to severe problems in future. For instance, your driving license can be withdrawn, a hike in insurance fee, jail term among others. With no doubt, you must bear the consequences of your mistakes. Working with an attorney can help you reduce the magnitude of the charge. Besides this, he or she is in a position of negotiating for a decrease in penalties. Therefore, in case you are caught in such an offense, you should not underestimate the value of hiring these experts.

Factors to consider when hiring a DUI attorney

You will undoubtedly enjoy all these benefits once you decide to work with todd landgren dui attorney. However, in such circumstances, it is vital to remember that a reputable attorney will serve you best. Below are some of the things to consider when finding an attorney.

Area of specialty

In your selection process, you should seek to find a lawyer that has specialized in DUI offenses. This is the only sure way of finding someone competent. More to this, the specialization gives the attorney an upper hand in dealing with a case.

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Different DUI attorneys charge differently. Thus, you should remember to inquire of service fee. The amount charged should be in line with your budget. More to this, you should meet the terms of payment.


It is also important to get recommendations from people who have hired the services of the attorney you seek to work with. This will help you evaluate the quality of services. More to this, it will help you know if you expect to get a good deal in return.


Choosing the right accident attorney


You may encounter several things while driving on the roads. Careless drivers and pedestrians are some of the things you will come across in your driving experience. Roads are regarded as public areas used by both motorists, pedestrians and sometimes animals. There has to be proper order in this particular area because any mistake can lead to injuries, accidents, and traffic snarl-ups. Traffic rules were invented to bring order and reduce confusion on roads. However, some people have developed a habit of defying the traffic rules. This has seen the occurrence of many accidents. Research shows that most accidents happen out of ignorance either from motorists or pedestrians. Some transport authorities have erected footbridge in several areas to control the number of casualties.

Bikes002 are also another leading cause of accidents because we’ve heard of people severely injured in a motorcycle collision. Accident victims can sue whoever led to the cause of that specific crash. You can seek the help of an accident attorney who will assist you during the process. One has to analyze the circumstances that led to that mishap and see if it can qualify to be a debatable case. Winning such a case means you can get money to cater for your medical expense which is as a result of the offender’s carelessness. Choosing the right attorney is one step to winning your case. You should factor out several things when picking the right accident lawyer which include.


You should look into the background of an accident attorney before seeking their services.  One can judge their expertise by looking at their track record which includes the number of accident-related cases one has won before the court of law. Do not forget to have a look at how they present and argue their cases fluently and articulately before the jury.

Adequate resources

A well-established accident lawyer should have the right resources to oversee such cases. He should have his own recognized law firm with the right number of staff to help him handle a particular case. Some firms that deal with accident-related cases have tools of investigation which they can use to check on safety measures of a specific road or accident scene and come up with a conclusion for their argument.


003It is essential to understand the status of the attorney who you are employing. Some may have a significant history in winning cases but a poor relationship with their clients. We’ve heard of lawyers who have defrauded their clients leading to a fall out. Be wise in choosing who to work with by looking at their reputation. You can seek advice from friends or other people on the best lawyer with good moral values.

What you should know about road accident claims

Being involved in a road accident is traumatic. The experience is shocking even if you did not sustain major injuries, you might acquire psychological wounds which require treatment. Such psychological issues can negatively affect your relationships and performance at your workplace or business. There is no measure of the effects the accidents brings to you. The effects cannot be erased by anything even filing a claim. A claim can, however, helps you financially such that you can afford or find treatment options that help you heal the physical and psychological wounds sustained from the accident. To start a claim, you must fully understand the pros and cons. It is important to access the possibility of winning the claim too. Below are key factors that must be considered before begging a claim.

Factors to consider

Who was at fault during the accident?

For a claim to be successful, you must prove the following. That, the defendant (the person who you start the claim against) owed you a duty of care, they breached the duty, and as a result, you attained injuries. You do not need to prove or establish a duty of care in case of a road accident because road users must observe the duty of care. You must be able to show it clear that the defendant caused the accident. This can easily be done by providing a police report or a dash camera footage, a witness statement or a CCTV footage. If you cannot prove that the accident was the defendant’s fault, then you cannot start a claim.

Do you want to use a solicitor or you want to bring the claim alone?

If you decide to run the claim through a solicitor, you will be lucky to have a legal professional or a team of professionals running the case for you. They will take care of everything from start to the end. Many solicitors operate by no win no fee for road accident cases. This means that you will not pay them if the case fails. Carrying out the case by yourself means that you will have to handle everything on your own. The only advantage with doing the case alone is that you will keep 100% compensation to yourself if you win the case.

Will you use your insurer’s solicitors or you will find one yourself?

If you have an active car insurance cover, your legal claims might be covered such that a solicitor from the insurance firm will take care of the case. With such an option, there is no need to stress because the whole case will be well taken care of. If it is you to choose the solicitor, research and get one from a trusted company. None of the two options are, however, better than the other.