Many drivers tend to ignore the need to seek the right legal representation when convicted with driving under the influence or DUI offenses. This is not right and should never be the case. Purpose to have a DUI lawyer on your site when convicted with a DUI offense. Besides this, it may help reduce your penalties among other benefits. That said, here are a few reasons that justify the need to work with a DUI attorney.

Why a DUI attorney

Abnormal penalties charged

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DUI offenses are among the most serious charges. Several aspects influence the magnitude of the case and penalties in such cases. A few of them include the level of intoxication, driving speed and passengers carried. In some instances, you may get overcharged based on the magnitude of the case. You should not allow this to happen. At such a point, you should think of hiring a DUI attorney. With his or her services, you are guaranteed of getting a fair hearing.

An improperly administered alcohol test

Like any other person, police officers can make offenses when doing an alcohol test. They may mishandle you during the process or administer the test improperly. If such happens, you should not keep quiet. Seek the services of a reputable DUI attorney. With the help of this professional, you can be guaranteed of getting justice.

Helps reduce the magnitude of the case

DUI convictions may result to severe problems in future. For instance, your driving license can be withdrawn, a hike in insurance fee, jail term among others. With no doubt, you must bear the consequences of your mistakes. Working with an attorney can help you reduce the magnitude of the charge. Besides this, he or she is in a position of negotiating for a decrease in penalties. Therefore, in case you are caught in such an offense, you should not underestimate the value of hiring these experts.

Factors to consider when hiring a DUI attorney

You will undoubtedly enjoy all these benefits once you decide to work with todd landgren dui attorney. However, in such circumstances, it is vital to remember that a reputable attorney will serve you best. Below are some of the things to consider when finding an attorney.

Area of specialty

In your selection process, you should seek to find a lawyer that has specialized in DUI offenses. This is the only sure way of finding someone competent. More to this, the specialization gives the attorney an upper hand in dealing with a case.

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Different DUI attorneys charge differently. Thus, you should remember to inquire of service fee. The amount charged should be in line with your budget. More to this, you should meet the terms of payment.


It is also important to get recommendations from people who have hired the services of the attorney you seek to work with. This will help you evaluate the quality of services. More to this, it will help you know if you expect to get a good deal in return.