Death comes, no one knows when and where. But we all want to be in control of the fruits of our labor. Do you want to fill in control? You should make sure that you choose the right people to inherit your wealth and properties. All the above can only be done and spelled out in a will. Below are important reasons why you must write a will.

Reasons to have a will

Death without a will

Intestate is when one dies without a will. You as the owner of the property is referred to as the testator. The person in charge. If you leave without a will you become intestate? The court will make decisions on your behalf depending on the state laws. On following the law, it means that the court may assign your property to the person you never wanted to. You cannot blame such on the court but yourself for not writing a will when alive.

Can spouses run a joint will?

Many people think this is right, but it is not. It is not even accepted in many states. Yes, you can have it joint, but it will not be recognized in many states. Couples do not die at the same time, well, it happens in a few cases. In addition to this, each of you has their own lives. You will find that you have assets individually owned and want to leave them to people of your choice for example children or relatives.

What can I leave to who?

Do you have specific things you want to be given to specific people? For example, if you want a necklace gifted to you by your mother to be passed to your daughter, not a sister or if you have a childhood doll to be inherited by your childhood friend, and so on. All these requests need to be spelled out in the will, and your wishes will be granted.

Can someone contest my will?

Contesting a will is a challenge. But at times, your child, ex-spouse or spouse can contest your will if it goes against probate laws. A will can only be contested if the deceased was not competent or if there were cases of fraud or coercion. If a will is clearly and legally grafted, it will stand against any challenge. You can choose anyone to be your executor, either your trusted friend, spouse or child. If you feel that legal help will be needed due to complicated relationships, you can name a financial advisor or attorney.